5 Macaroni KID Picks for Family Fun This Week

Your family fun Aug. 10-17

By Kara Murphy August 10, 2022

Looking for family fun this week? We have ideas for you! Here are five fun holidays happening Aug. 10-17 that kids will love celebrating this week:

1. Celebrate the young people in your life

Spend time as a family celebrating those little people who you love so much on National Son and Daughter Day. Let them choose a special outing or a special meal! Aug. 11

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2. Learn about elephants

One of the world's most fascinating wild animals, elephants face a myriad of problems such as poaching, deforestation, loss of habitat, and more. Take today to learn more about the amazing elephant with your kids on World Elephant Day. Aug. 12

3. Go bowling

If your kids are like ours, they LOVE bowling — even though they might not be that great at it. Thank goodness for bumpers. Take them to a local alley on National Bowling Day! Aug. 13

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4. Make melon sorbet

We're celebrating all things melon on Melon Day! Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and ... horned melon? Yep! Even the odd looking horned melon should be celebrated today. We even have a great horned melon sorbet recipe you can make with your kids! Aug. 14

5. Ride a roller coaster 

There's nothing like the heart-pounding ride of a great roller coaster. But where are the best coasters? Check out our list of 5 of the nation's best, along with how you can score great deals on the amusement parks where you can find these epic coasters and take the kids on National Roller Coaster Day. Aug. 16