How Your Baby Registry Can Lead to Better Sleep

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By Alison Wenger July 3, 2018

Do you know what 9 out of 10 moms wish they had added more of to their baby registry? Pampers!

40% of moms didn’t include enough diapers of different sizes on their registries. Yes, Pampers Baby Dry–in all different sizes so you’re prepared for as fast as your sweet baby will grow!

Pampers leads to better sleep for you and your baby by providing up to 12 hours of protection and exclusive Extra Absorb Channels for a less bulky and comfortable fit. The channels change the shape of the absorbent layer to help lock wetness away from baby’s skin and distribute wetness more evenly, which keeps baby drier.  

Since babies can urinate up to 12 times a night, it’s no surprise that the drier a diaper keeps them, the better they–AND YOU–will sleep! Happy baby + happy mom = happy family.

I used Pampers Baby Dry for both of my children and one of the other reasons I loved them is the Pampers Rewards program! Each package of Pampers includes a code worth points that can be redeemed toward puzzles, photo gifts, books, and even more Pampers products.

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